Interbike social ride

Or, a Camp Lynda stoke primer?

A couple of Ergon stars stopped by on the way to InterBike.  We did our best to show them a good time :)  Yuki amazed with his tech skills + bursty power abilities.  His move at the end of the vid is the first time I’ve seen Collarbone hill cleaned, and it was his second time.  I didn’t have the camera on when he did it the first time.

Jeff had no trouble keeping up despite his crushing of the VT125 the weekend prior…and LW’s pace setting which was a bit froggy.  New bike love is surrounding her right now!  Jeff reveals hidden secrets in the middle of the video.

This video cam stuff is fun, but more geeky and time consuming than power meters!  When the ride ends the experience has only just begun…

Interbike Social Ride with Ergon Riders Jeff Kerkove and Yuki Saito from Dave Harris on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi Steve,

    Most of the trails are unnamed except for Stucki. It’s hard to explain them all, a real locals route. We did a connecter between the bottom of collarbone and the other end of stucki, then came back stucki to collarbone.

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