Jammin’ the Jem

CTL is still going in the wrong direction – oops. Today was two laps on the Jem Trail – one of my fav local loops. It has flow and a bunch of cute little signs too.


Ever seen a single-track cattle guard? They are fun to fly over. For the most part cows aren’t the best trail groomers and it’s great to have them kept off parts of the trail. The Jem Trail has some clever planning and management behind it.

An extra special treat for today was riding with Steve. We haven’t ridden together since July.

More views, more trail that makes me shout wheee and more ride perfect weather – what’s a gal to do but ride more…

My guardian angel must be pretty happy with me at the moment.

Mega tripple-decker commiserations to hammer-head Dave who is nursing a shattered collar bone and miscellaneous woes after falling off his bike this weekend. Bummer, bummer, bummer and big fat juicy bummer. Heal fast crack-head, there’s a ton more riding to be done.