Kennebec, the July 4 tradition

July 4 means one thing to MTBers in Durango (well, at least if they’re in town) and that’s the annual Kennebec pass/Colorado trail ride.  It’s a big 50+ mile loop that starts with a climb from 6500′ to 11,200 at the pass, and from the top, bombs down the Colorado trail back to town.  Sort of, that is…there’s another 1500′ of climbing once the trail hits Junction Creek, so it isn’t all downhill.  When I first did this ride back in the day by ride’s end I’d be screaming “no more singletrack, please!”  I was such a wuss back then ;)

If you live around here you know the flowers are going off the charts.  Get up high if you haven’t yet! 

The Colorado state flower is the Columbine.  Good choice.

Usually there is a big group on this ride.  This year it was just Fergy and I.  Fergy was riding better than I’ve ever seen him ride – both uphill and down.  Funny thing about that…he’s made the switch to 29ers and is riding a Dos Niner now.  He says for racing the 29er format is a liability, not a benefit, but for trail riding it’s a blast.  I guess his races are short, cause for a 5 hour ride he was rockin’ it.  He’s no flyweight either…there goes my theory ;)

We did see a lot of folks out there today.  Busy day on the trails.  Here at the top of Kennebec pass right at timberline is Chris L. on his cell.  Maybe he was lonely up there?

“Oh no, not more singletrack!!!  Make it stop…”

We ran into Kristin Danielson near the end of the ride.  She really balances Tom’s, uh…shall we say “confident” nature.  She’s been hitting the NORBA scene again this year with great results and is totally loving it.  She just pulled out the ‘W’ at Crested Butte at the Wildflower Rush a week ago.  Way to go Kristin!

Jeez, if I could choose my parents all over again…