Kokopelli Trail Race is ON :-)

Doc said my collar bone was about 75% healed and gave me the go ahead to race Kokopelli. Yeeeehaahhh. Just mentioned I should not crash on it… Here is the most recent x-ray – 11 weeks post surgery. Looks the same to me as all the others. Doc said that’s a good thing and that’s what he was looking for – nothing has come unscrewed, unglued or moved. He was super pleased with my symmetry – said there was a lotta guessing going on during the surgery fitting all the pieces back together – said it was messy in there – said it doesn’t always work out so nicely….

I’m a wee gal and this is a big bad plate to be in my shoulder. You can see it. I still can’t get comfortable with a Camelbak strap over it so I’m carrying everything on my bike at KTR. The hike-a-bike outta Salt Creek is gonna be a challenge.

Going for the bag lady look…

This poor bike hasn’t seen an inch of dirt since Old Pueblo in February. I handed it off to ace wrench Andy at Desert Cyclery (before the bag lady make-over) to put his magic mechanic fingers on it. When I picked it up it was like being on a new machine with plinky-plonk shifting – I love that. Thanks Andy.

Happy Muther’s day for all you muthers. I clipped in this morning well before dawn for 55 miles in the dirt. Made it back just in time to shower, get my dress on and make it to church. He, he I’m a happy mother.

Kinder’s gave me chocolate, cashews and a big bunch of roses.

Emma is wearing a towel on her head today and pretending she has long white hair like Rapunzel.