KTR v2.0

The KTR in May was an incredible experience.  With so much time to plan, to obsess the details, and even to pre-ride, the pre-event anticipation was huge.  Meeting a group of 56 enduro nut jobs under a full (fool?) moon at midnight was off the charts cool.

This time around, it’s a solo affair (that is, unless someone cares to join in on the fun – I’ll leave slickrock parking lot between 4-5am on Saturday).  The plan just sprouted wings a couple days ago, so the obsessing has only just begun…it’s really just a key training ride this time anyway, and it isn’t new.  It is a toughy though.

Just like the May event, I’ll be testing a new light system.  In May I had 2 new systems, one of which failed and was nothing more than a weighty PITA for 142 miles.  The new light systems are really made for 24 hour events, not so much for KTR.  For a KTR type effort, I’d favor a lightweight system without the high-power requirements of high speed/tech 24 hour races, especially for this time around since (hopefully) the only darkness will occur on the initial climbs.  But hey, gotta test the goods…

Luxeon makes the LEDs I’ve been using, and they came out with a new K2 model recently.  They are bright, putting out 100 lumens each at 1000mA (which compares to 80 lm for the LuxIIIs).  They can be pushed at 1500mA supplying 120 lumens, but if you do the math you’ll see that isn’t nearly as efficient as running at 1000mA.  They also have a new optic made especially for the K2, probably since it has a squared off base rather than a round base.  www.ledsupply.com sells them built into ready to solder stars, same form factor as the LuxIII/LuxV stars.  The new optics have a tight 3 degree spot with a bit of wider spill.  It isn’t as clean as a reflector, but using some snap on diffusers the beam can be altered to 6, 12, or 25 degrees in an instant.  Makes for some easy testing.

Here’s the first K2 light build.  It is using one reflector and 2 x 5 degree optics of the older  LuxIII/V variety.  Matched with a 4800Ah 14.8 V LiOn battery from www.batteryspace.com provides a bit over 5 hours of very bright light and weighs in at ~500g.  Not too shabby compared to my Nite Rider HID that weighs in at just under 1000g and runs for 4 hours.

On the nutrition end of things, I’ve really taken to the Drip lately.  A mix of 4:1 drip and eFuel providing 300 cal/bottle has been the BOMB lately.  KTR will surely provide the acid test for the mix…

   +     =  crack, oh sweet crack.


Did I mention the new bike?


Talk about nutjobs.  New nutrition plan, new bike, new lights – anything static is dead.