Life Grounded

My life has been a lot more grounded than elevated recently which does not make for real interesting blogging. CTR, TU and the like are much more interesting – but here is a little minutiae from me anyway.

Kids went back to school. It is still over 100F here during the day. I am PTA secretary this year. We have a new school name, Dixie Sun Elementary rather than Dixie Downs which was deemed to be more uplifting and I built out a new PTA blog for it which is actually pretty cool.

Emma crashed hard on the bike path on the way to the first day of school. Bloody knee and elbow. I didn’t like that at all. I came home from Crazy 88 with hamburger shins which were ugly and a little sore. So I got thinking about body armor. Emma digs it

You need body armor to play the harmonica in our house ;-) Ems loves wearing it which is awesome!! She did a lot of practice running and falling in the living room when she first put it on. She scooters to school wearing it and I run beside, then outside her classroom we swap and I scooter home in it. I’m sure the other parents think I am totally mad. She has this really cool pink motor scooter so we don’t want to leave it at the school during the day. I get to ride it back again in the afternoon. I’ve been logging scooter time since school started.

The Rockgardn elbow/forearm guards are great but the knee/shin guards are tough to ride in. They are built for coasting I guess.

I got a lighter version of shin guards the 661 veggie wraps with no hard shell and no knee cover. They are neoprene and I sweat so much in them my socks and shoes get wet which is gross and has made my shoes smelly – yuk. Still on the search for good leg protection I can actually ride in.

…and I turned 40! Dave surprised me with a new bike. He is prolly the only person on the planet that knew I needed a new bike :-)

I went with him to lay down some gps tracks on the end of his Trans Utah route at the weekend. My new pony is lovely and has lots of travel and shifting!

Here are some random pics from Boulder Town that might interest the Trans Utah crowd.

This store is amazing. It sells everything!! Really!! The lady there is super cool. Dave told her all about Trans Utah and she was excited to maybe see some of the racers.

Despite getting a new bike with 5 inches of travel and 27 gears I’m breaking my summer racing siesta next month at single speed worlds and then aiming for the 24 hour solo single speed National Championships in Moab in Oct. Yes, I am in training mode now…mojo planned for the fall.

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  1. Grannygear,

    26″ wheels on this bike. It is a Specialized Safire. It has lots of suspension and gears making the 29er wheels redundant for me. 29ers make fantastic single speeds with the wheel momentum and extra rubber ground contact patch superior for outta the saddle cranking but with gears and 5″ of suspension this is not an outta saddle kinda ride and 26″ wheels are mo’ better. Ever wonder to yourself why downhillers are all on 26″ wheel bikes?

  2. let’s get Emma a full face helmet for the drop down the bike path..did she bale at the tunnel ?Happy Bday nice new ride.way to go Dave…

  3. Well, this is an old debate, but what you and I do does not really have too much to do with why DH riders ride smaller wheels. Still, nice bike. I can see how getting 5″ of travel in a FS 29er frame that would fit you would be pretty darn hard. That seems like the best reason of all.


  4. your new 2-wheeler sounds a little similar to my Specialized Enduro…mine is pretty free-rideish though. I love riding that bike…but it’s been on the wall since I was about 5 months preggers, and it is really the kind of bike that I only ride if I’m riding at least 3 days a week. So, alas, it hangs, sad and neglected. We should go free-riding together though. Remember: “free riding is neither”.

    Keep the rubber side down at your upcoming races. We’ll be rootin for ya!

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