Lowering my footprint

Emma rode her bike to school today and I ran along beside her. Oh my, that was awesome.. School is 3/4 mile away and is just too much for a groggy 5 year old to walk in the morning. It was a piece of cake for her on a bike this morning. She was all jazzed and proud of herself choosing her spot to park in the bike pen.

 “I rode my two wheeler all the way here from my house that is far, far away” she told everybody who would pay any attention.

Since she started kindergarten in August I have been firing up my car and driving the 3/4 mile back and forth twice per day. The exhaust fumes put out by doing that are something that has irked me for a while. Not to mention the grid-lock at the school with hundreds of cars dropping off a couple of kids each all trying to get there at the same time. The twice per day gridlock made me a bit grumpy.

I ran home and am as jazzed as Emma this morning. A 1.5 mile run is exactly what was on the training plan for me today too. ’tis flow.