Magic wish moments

We are in Crested Butte!!

It has been non-stop since we got here. Emma and I were IN the 4th July parade with the Save the Red Lady (a mountain under the threat of mining) float

We dressed up the tag-a-long

Wes has been rippin up the trails with impressive form

Today was heaven on earth for me. I was so giddy it didn’t seem real. Not sure if the giddiness was altitude or excitement – prolly both!!

Wesley was off at Gravity Groms camp (boys + mountain bikes + skate boards + hiking) and Emma went off to nature camp

With both kids happily occupado DH and I rode 401 trail

Wow. There are moments in my life that match exactly what I would choose were I given a magic wish. Lucky, lucky me :-)

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  1. 401 is in fact magic…

    I have almost the exact same (as the last) pic from the mid nineties… Glad to see it is still there and beautiful. Perhaps time to revisit the magic.


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