Making Ice in St George!

Last night they finally started making the ice at our first ever ice rink in St George, The Dixie Igloo. Unfortunately they will only be open until April. The thought of going ice skating in the middle of the day in July when it is 110F here is delicious.

We went down to check them out at an open house yesterday.

Here is the Igloo from the outside

and the inside

A 25% solution of salt water at below freezing temp is pumped through these tubes and fresh water is sprayed on top to make the ice. They build up a couple of inches of ice then paint it white – I didn’t know that! Next they layer another inch of ice and paint on logos and hockey stripes then finish it off with another 1/4 inch of ice.

We bought some skate passes. Kinders are excited!

4 replies on “Making Ice in St George!”

  1. Ditto what Jeff said…..but alas I lived 50-ft from an indoor arena in ABQ and never used it. It’s hard to get ice time in the desert – those places become very busy.

  2. Looks a lot like one we set up behind the World Trade Center here in Las Vegas. It was replaced with permanent buildings a couple of years ago.

    Sure was proud of you and Dave in your Championship jerseys! Next time you see time remind ET to Phone Home!

  3. my name is josh graf and i worked for dixie igloo ice rink. I helped them build the rink and let me tell you, IT WAS TOUGH. it took alot to get the rink up and working. it was worth it when we saw people flowing in and having fun skating. the staff there was amazing. i would like to thank dave and the others that made it possible.

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