Me and Wesley time

Today is Wesley’s last day of Intersession. He is back to regular school next week. It has been really cool having him out of school and Emma  in school. During our regular daily routine we don’t get too much mom and Wes only time. He has a different set of abilities than his sister who is 2.5 years younger.

He has bloomed with the one-on-one attention. It is quite amazing.

His 2 weeks off school have not been cake for him. He had math, reading and piano to practice for 30 min each morning. At 10:30 was PE time. PE home-school style that is = mountain biking… The afternoon was Spanish vocabulary and a chore. I have enjoyed the chore part with my garage swept, house vacuumed, car washed, tile mopped and lawn mowed   :-) !!

But the mountain biking part has been the most special to me. I love cycling and really, like really love riding mountain bikes.

To show and share that with Wes and see him love being out on his bike has been a super special time for me and one I will remember and treasure always. I have been aware of this while we rode these last 2 weeks. I feel lucky for that as I was able to be in the moment and savor it all. Many times I only see these moments with hindsight.

The first trail we rode on his PE time was Barrel Roll. We rode a different trail every day and finished today back on Barrel Roll. His skills have increased a fair bit.

Today we had Michelle along on her first mtb ride in 7 years!! She had a great time too.

Dave was out on the trails too. Wes put the hurt on him for a little bit.

Fed-Ex has been holding Wes’ new 14″ frame captive. We thought he would have it by now… His chore yesterday was cleaning old bike parts. We have collected a dirty but quality set of parts to put on his new frame like this carbon SID world cup. Now I can’t wait to take him on the same trails with bigger wheels and a lighter bike. Yup I’m excited… I sure love my boy.

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  1. Nice post Lynda. Trying to figure this one out myself. Taking kids (3) to XCs but still training to do the marathons myself. I’ve decided not to worry about it and do both without grand expectations. It’s all fun.

    Any changes or new updates to your 100 mile plan for 2010?

  2. Garland, There are several changes to the 100 mile PR training plan I have on LW Coaching for 2010. Field testing day moves from Thursday to Saturday, the intervals in weeks 1-3 are changed from go til you blow pacing to even paced L5, and two-a-days during threshold block removed and changed to a single workout. These changes will be published in the new 2010 pdf format plans being sold directly at

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