…is a better tag-line for my blog at the moment. Lots of drama and chaos going on in my life but nothing in the way of blogworthy racing. Coming up on May 19th is Kokopelli Trail race. I’m hoping to do that one – really looking forward to doing that one. I see my Ortho doc on Thursday for a pre-race check up. If he says no, I won’t race..but I have pre-ridden the course and made hotel reservations already :-)

The collar-bone is giving me a few problems still but every week it feels stronger and I can do things I wasn’t able to do last week. This week it was lift up my 4 year old again. She is very hugworthy and it has been hard saying no when she asks to be picked up. One issue still looming is my inability to carry a heavy Camelbak. The strap irritates the plate/collarbone. I was hoping this would subside but so far it hasn’t. I’m gonna have to step up the gear carrying creativity to keep it off my back at KTR.

Once I have the green light from my Doc on Thursday to race the official KTR obsession period begins. Tires, water, lights…..

Photo blogger ON:

Fun visiters


A rare chance to ride big with a girlfriend. Mojo building.

More mojo building. Back on the trails with my best riding palz.


Finally got out to see the Bear Claw poppies in bloom. Thanks to these little guys we have a big piece of land with some great trails on protected from development.


Ballet recital dress rehearsal season


Wesley’s next race is the Tuff kidz triathlon so the subliminal training has been more run focused

Emma gets in on the treadmill interval training session too. She can run purty fast in a skirt and sandals.