Durango’s got it.

Last night the FLC concert hall was the place of a cycling fundraiser multimedia show and auction hosted by none other than Bob Roll.  The first part of the show highlighted several local cyclists and cycling related organizations.  Notables to get their mug shots at theatre size projections included Robbie Robinette for winning the 40-44 road champs, our very own Ben Kraushaar for his his winning ride at mammoth,  7 year old Christopher Blevins, national BMX champion (I had no idea Dtown BMX was so big…but Neds kid is doing too), Martha Iverson for crushing every record in her path to numerous victories and national titles both on and off-road, Bill Manning and Trails 2000 for many years of trail advocacy and trail work/construction…then moved on to the big dogs.  Todd and Troy wells (the brothers just snagged the Elite and U23 national cross titles), including a great video interview with Todd; Chris Wherry including a video of the final 10 minutes of his national championship ride (you gotta see this one – Pate and Wherry worked Horner over good), Bob Roll, and Tom D, including footage of his Brasstown Bald win in Georgia.

Afterwards, we got to hear from some of the starz.

From left to right:  Ned, Roll, Michael Barry, Liam and Dede Barry, TD, and Chris W.  Bob Roll is always entertaining – if ever you have a chance to see this guy do his thing (aside from OLN) do it.

Take away points:

  • Ned will race forever.  “I have to stay in shape cause once I get out of shape I can’t get it back.”  This shouldn’t come as a surprise.
  • TD’s primary goals for ’06 look to be the Giro, taking in the California and Georgia tours along the way, but Michael Barry says TD’s got a good chance (it sounded like 4 riders are under consideration) of leading Disco in France.  Tom was more relaxed, mature and generally strong and confident that ever before.
  • Dede’s greatest triumph is motherhood.  #2 was the silver in Athens.  Liam is one happy little guy and really likes microphones & TD!
  • Bob Roll’s single professional victory was the result of the peloton getting stopped by a train when he was off the front.

Looking around in the packed concert hall, there were dozens if not hundreds of cyclists that could have also been featured – there is just that many talented cyclists in Durango.  Must be something in the water here. 

So if you’re looking for a cycling hotspot to call home…Durango is darn tough to top.