My November blog

Allright then, the insane work schedule has stabilized and things are getting back to normal.  Closet training is going well, I’m on track for Christmas stardom.  Not!

Here are a couple of incredible vids, both quite different.  This first one is courtesy whako jako.  All I can say is the dude has style and this is what I’m training for. 


This one is courtesy Morgan.  Possibly out of date but I think it’s even funnier post-election.


5 replies on “My November blog”

  1. 1st vid – style? Stupidity maybe, but style? Riding into traffic, hucking one’s body off of high places, crashing and risking permanent injury, all without a helmet.

    Nah, not impressed.

    I must be getting old :-)


  2. hey Dave, had some conversations about big ride options with some friends. curious to pick your gearhead brain, navigational options, but see no email linky on your frontpage….

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