Little Changes

New helmet

New hair

Folks are taking a minute to recognize me these days. It’s been about 8 years since I have had my hair this short. It’s a nice change.

I’ve been busy with lots of extracurricular activities like the PTA. I set up a blog for the PTA and am now known as the Blog Lady in the halls. “Hey Blog Lady”.

I’ve also been busy pulling goat-head weeds off the bike path. They are blooming and ripe for pulling at the moment as they have not dropped their thorns for me to pick up in my tires yet. I have our route to school almost cleared and have half of the Hwy18 bike path cleared. Folks riding by wonder what the heck I am doing pulling up weeds next to the bike path or sidewalk, especially if it happens to be in their front yard! Thankfully nobody has called me Goat-head lady yet.

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