Dave Nice that is aka Fixie Dave.

We have been getting to know him quite well. He came for Camp Lynda and hasn’t left yet!

He is a complete Facebook addict for one thing…

…and famous! On Saturday Dave (Harris) and I were out and twice folks told us Fixie Dave was in town and he takes this SS thing to a new level… Dave says “yeah he is staying at my house”. Twas funny – maybe you had to be there ?

…and endearingly he has been working through our bikes overhauling them. This is no small task if you have seen our bikes and how much we ride them. It is perfect timing post Camp Lynda and pre-OP for some bike love and Dave has been stepping up!!

He is one for the details and hunted down a mystery creak on my Voodoo kitty. Now I wont have to listen to it for 24 hours at OP. Nice, very nice. Thanks Dave.

Talking about 24 hours in the Old Pueblo…the obsession is in full swing now Camp Lynda is over and done with. We are both racing SS solo and by all reports both the men’s AND women’s SS solo fields look stacked. This is something I am really really excited about!!! Gearies beware ;-)

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  1. His job’s not done until he does the impossible — frees those Lev stays so I can get back into that powertap nonsense!


  2. At least he earns his keep. More than I can say about certain family members. Good luck at OP and maybe you should take Nice with you.

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