Not training at Red Canyon

Last weekend was a weekend off training after the epic Kokopelli adventure. A week off training is not synonymous with a week off from riding though. I sold my Scalpel and blew up the rear shock on my Epic at Kokopelli so was left only with my single speed. Turns out Red Canyon might be the best place in the world to rally around on a single speed. That makes four shocks I have detonated this year. I’m starting to take it personally. Is it something I’m doing?

Crazy fun buff single-track and lots to choose from. In four days of riding I did not pass a single other mtber out there, just a few horses. Here is the Rich trail – mega fun swoopy stuff. Makes me say wheee!

Funky old desert trees. Lots of signs here. Even I can’t get lost. This is the Cassidy trail. It looks soft but is hardpacked and fast like cement.

The kids are getting their riding legs and found some choice trail of their own near camp. They out do me – single speeds, coaster brakes and training wheels. All in their pyjamas without the benefit of coffee.

No photos of me as I was riding solo all weekend but here is a portrait Wesley drew of me today, his last day of Kindergarten. He even wrote my name on it. He is getting so big and clever. This one is a keeper :-)