November Ride Food

In November I like to take a break from sports nutrition products so when race day comes I am not burned out on them. In February I fueled the first 12 hours of 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo on little but this stuff – it hit the spot and did the job. I’m signed up for the 2010 edition of OP and want to keep the fueling fresh. There is nothing worse than getting to race day burned on the fuel you know works a charm.

Today’s ride food is mostly real food. In the big pan rice cakes waiting to be bagged. In one bag mashed potatoes, carrots, salt and butter. In the other bag some dry oatmeal. I’ll add water to it out on the ride. The Skittles are sadly the last of the Halloween candy ;-) not sure you can call Skittles real food!

and the recovery nutrition planned post ride looks like this. Yummy!!

and also like this :-) More real food. Frosted to perfection by the little ones.

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