Old Pueblo Single Speed Recovery

I’ve been asked a bunch since the race if I think it takes longer to recover from a 24 SS than one on gears. In a word – yes…

It seems to be taking me a LOT longer. I’m bored with this recovery thing now and just wanna go out and ride :-( I have never been this trashed after a race before in my life!

Everything hurt the day after the race. Now 12 days post race a few spots still hurt – that’s wrong…

Here is my left foot. It looks normal but has been misbehaving. On Thursday, a full 4 days after the race it went numb. As in, I now have a club foot. I was not amused when it stayed numb. What?

Here is my foot in da boot thing. This stretches out my Achilles and makes my foot go from numb to pins and needles feeling.

So unfortunately I must declare now with the introduction of the boot I am not merely just trashed but also injured. Hmph…

Note also the pale white leg. The sun is out. It is ride perfect and I am stuck in a blue Velcro boot. Tan lines are not forth coming for me any time soon.

I was really looking forward to racing the Rampage this year. It’s our only race of the year in St George. I’ll be cheering again. Wesley is racing. He is 9 years old now so at the top of the 9 and unders class. I’ll be pushing him hard for a vicarious win there ;-) and Dave is racing too.

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  1. 16 laps, what do you expect? If it makes you feel better, I only did 12 and was back on the bike as of the Wednesday after the race, rode all last weekend and plan on doing a bikepacking trip this weekend ;0)

    Seriously though, the pain you have actually shows me that you are not as immortal as you seemed when you passed me at 14 mph, uphill on the biznatches. I just like to give you grief since you do not remember passing me 3 times, each time I tried to have a conversation with you. Great job at the race!

  2. Hope your feeling better soon…………Keep your EYE on That National Championship! you got it!

  3. Have I got a deal for you! I still have the super spiffy boot I had to use last summer after I hurt my achilles, it’s stylin! Even has an air pump to make the boot all nice and snug around your ankle and calf like those old Reebok shoes.

  4. Sorry to hear about the difficult recovery. If it makes you feel any better, I messed up my back checking on my daughter in her crib the other night. Yeah, not lifting or carrying or whatnot–leaning over and checking on her! Sigh.

  5. Sorry Lynda!!! You’ll heal up quickly I hope!!! I know how much it sucks to be injured. At least you’re on the road to recovery, and you’ll be on your bike in the sunshine before you know it!!!!

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