Park City Perfect 10

Good folks, perfect weather, fab course and well run race for sure. I did enjoy that one. Small but wicked fast field.

Most folks enjoyed it. Here is the smiley post racness from Brad.

Brad and his cute wife Jane played host to Dave and I this weekend and spoiled us. Thanks guys.

We are taking our single speeds up to race Trans Rockies this year so it was SS for us at Park City Perfect 10. Like TR there was no SS category so we got to see what it was like racing on an SS against strong riders with gears. The power couple Kris and KC Holley made sure there was a race to be had for us. They put a few minutes on us each lap for the first half then held steady to take the win. They pulled together a flawless race. KC is looking stronger and more confident than ever which is really cool to see.

 So now we know what it is like to race SS along with gearies. I would have gone faster on that course on my FS gearie for sure… It is a mixed bag. The SS sure is fun but it is kinda silly to set yourself up at a disadvantage in a race situation.. We can still change our minds and take gears to Trans Rockies but there is something there, something more than winning that is calling me up north with my SS. Craziness…

Nutty Brad Keyes pulled off the solo male win on his 40th birthday on a pretty looking full rigid SS Vassago bike. He made me ride fast on my first lap – his second lap, to stay ahead of him – ha ha! I couldn’t let a skinny over 40 solo rider past me now…

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  1. You two were VERY fast on the singlespeeds this weekend. I got to ride with DaveH for about 5 seconds. :)

    So if you had to call Vegas today and place odds on whether you will race singlespeed or geared at the TR, what would they be (Singlespeed/Geared)? 90/10, 70/30, 50/50? Or are you already tuning up the Epic to go for the win?

    In the words of Austin Powers, those stockings are dead sexy, grrr. :)

  2. No wonder you came in 2nd – you only have 3 legs! Fun race, fun weekend and good luck at TR. I’m betting on SS :-)

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