Park City Point2Point Race Report 2010

The Park City Point 2 Point race was a week ago – but better late than never to blog the report. I took very few pics so thanks mostly to Lyna Saffell and Dave for the pics, all of which I have borrowed without asking (hey they were on FB…)

My focus is on things other than racing my bike right now so the blog post was far down the weeks to-do list. My focus for Park City Point 2 Point race was to go and have a good time and worry not a squat about the peformance racing part (um.. because I am kinda chubby and I haven’t been training mostly). I wrote my goals on my handlebars.

The course was incredibly fun and lots of bike love was made. In fact I forgot the chammy butter in the morning and my seat was feeling the hard tail bike love by the end. I finished it up in 8:47, 40th personage to finish and 4th woman.

Another goal was to get a dollar from the Gilly Cash Zone – check

The race was top notch. Chip timing. Beanie at sign up instead of the tired old size medium mens t-shirt (yawn). Top 5 women cash payout. Finisher socks that say “I did it”, I love finisher awards at hard races – and this was a hard race. Cold drinks at the aid stations were delicious as it was a hot day. Coke at the aid stations – oh yeah! Volunteers at the aid stations swarmed to help and knew what to do. Brilliant fun course with so much single track the road sections were a relief at times. Fun vibe at the finish line.

Tight pro women field. The top 5 women were separated by only 23 minutes at the finish!

But most of all the best part of this race was a free burger at the finish line. I love me a burger (and have maybe loved me a few too many this summer…)

Another goal was to visit and see all my racing buddies I have missed this summer because I haven’t been out racing. There are so many cool people in mountain bike racing and it was great to see everybody. Thanks a ton Brad and Jane for the weekend hospitality and laughs. Jane – go tubeless for sure.

Yet another huge highlight (have I mentioned it was a GREAT race!!) was to see Michelle Byers turn her crushing 2009 Point2Point missed time cut-off DNF into a crushed-it 2010 finish after training on one of my LW Coaching plans this summer. I love seeing my athletes collect their goals first hand.

Dave “raced” too. He had his new helmet cam and his goal was to film the heart of the race. He did an awesome job. Watch it to see Michelle’s sweet finish.

PCP2P 2010 from Dave Harris on Vimeo.

My race blow-by-blow:

Pre-race I was enjoying the real live brick and mortar ladies only bathroom instead of the usual co-ed port-a-john situation and chatting over my stall with a couple of the other Pro women. I find out we are lining up at the front of the 8 hour wave of racers. I thought that was a good plan cause I was hoping to be in the 8-9 hour range. I finish my pre-race potty business, locate the 8 hour wave, go to the front and see no other Pro women – hmmmm. Next I find out they have already started…they had their own start wave and I missed it…WTF…where was that info distributed??  I head to the start chute and see the 7 hour wave start. The pro women are off up the course without me and the 7 hour wave is between me and them now….Frick… I look at my bars and see SMILE LOTS :-) so I start pedaling and smile.

Round Valley was pass, pass when you can. I catch a dude who is not moving smooth and fast and has a big gap in front of him to the Conga line. I’ll call him Shouldnabeninthe7hourwavedude. “Please tell me when it is clear and I’ll pass” I say. He shouts he is not moving off the trail and I will have to take it. Um…ok then. He blows the next corner, I carve  inside and pass cleanly, pedal smooth, close down the gap to the next guy,  get back on the Conga line  single-track tail. Shouldnabeninthe7hourwavedude passes me aggressively with elbows flying, I put on my brakes to avoid his sketchiness, he shouts at me not to pass him then slow down. I think bad words to say to him in my head but keep my mouth shut. This is not making bike love here and I am not smiling. I soft pedal and let a couple of guys pass me. Shouldnabeninthe7hourwavedude lets them by uncontested… Ha, I think, and smile. I let another guy pass me and get tight on his wheel and sneak passed Shouldnabeninthe7hourwavedude with him. I hope not to see him again.

Pedal, pedal, see Adam look strong and fly by me,get $1 in the Gilly cash zone, shweet, smile, yo-yo with Aaron, pedal, pedal, make-bike-love, smile lots, glow (it was hot) drink lots of coke at the Park City Aid station, burp my way up Spiro climb, pedal, pedal, finish, get my finisher socks, find Dave, eat my finisher burger, hang out for 3 hours at the finish line in my chammy, visit with peeps, stand on the women’s podium still in my chammy, see Michelle finish, miss Brad finish, bonk on the ride back to the condo, eat more, lie on my back and watch the ceiling spin, eat more.

Very fun filled weekend. I hope I get a spot in the race next year. It is definitely a classic in my book.

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  1. Great ride Lynda & Dave. You guys never disappoint and your positive attitudes are contagious. LW, I hope I don’t sound corny but your PCP2P Masters plan was spot on. I’ve never felt better in a race as tough as this one and the advice you gave me during our consultation was incredibly helpful. Without your insight I would have had a very different experience. You truly know what you are talking about and you’re not afraid to share you knowledge. Thanks, and sorry for the “Coach Love” :-)

  2. Way to put the jackhole behind you, give me some uni/bike/ etc… description and we will find him and remind him of Jay’s race meeting announcement ‘don’t be a dick’ there were a few out there fer sure.

    The race wave line up instructions, yeah, uh, they forgot to mention that one at the meeting.

  3. I think I met Mr Shouldnabeninthe7hourwavedude as well. It was him or his cousin Shouldnabeinthe8hourwavedude. I doubt he/they made it very far with such an attitude on that course.

  4. Sorry to hear about your bad experience whilst trying to pass a amateur racer. Not everyone is a pro like you and Jeff. It is interesting how you degrade others by calling them names and then try to act like you spread so much love. I was looking for a coach. A friend told me to check you out for coaching. After reading your blog, I think I will take my business elsewhere.

  5. Very nice. Good to see some familiar faces in the video and the music matched to Adam’s ride is priceless, especially after reading his race report.


  6. MWolf,

    I saw and approved your blog comment today. I respect you left your e mail address giving me the opportunity to send a personal reply. I am always reluctant to approve annon comments.

    Sorry you read my blog as negative. It was not intended that way. Racing is an intense full-on experience for all. I am equally sure my Shouldnabeinthe7hourwavedude would have a completely different story on our situation. I specifically did not describe his kit or race number as I was not calling him out on it or personally degrading him. I’ve done my fair share of lame things in races and do my best not to. When I do lame things I usually call them out in my blog posts and aim to do better next time.

    Being a racer in addition to a coach has cost me clients in the past for multiple reasons. It has gained me many also. I strongly believe that by racing myself I continually experience learning situations that make me a better coach. Racing specific events and experiencing the course and race logistics help me specifically prepare athletes for that event in the future. Racing and training with products and equipment keeps me up-to-date on what is new and what works.

    Good luck finding a coach and perhaps racing PCP2P next year – it was a tough one. There are many top notch coaches out there.



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