Paunsaugunt sploring

This weekend we headed over to the Paunsaugunt for more sploring. Wow, double decker wow! The scenery was unmatched, trails amazing and weather ride perfect.

The main target was to ride a bunch of the Grandview trail and find a more interesting route up onto the plateau than Proctor Canyon. Finding reliable info on the Grandview trail is near impossible. It is a 78 mile non-motorized trail along the Sunset Cliffs and Pink Cliffs near Bryce Canyon National Park.

The trail rolled right along the top of these…

Views were both huge and immediate all at the same time.

A mixture of ATV and single-track.

A little foot travel was required this time to find the route we wanted up from the valley on top of the cliffs. It will be a real grunt with a bike…

Up to the rightly named Sand Pass.

Looking back at Sand Pass from along the cliffs.

I never did see a Paunsaugunt directly. One stalked me in the bushes for a while when I was riding. I saw it in my peripheral vision only. Another left these tracks each morning near camp.

There is lots of water up on the Paunsaugunt plateau which was a big surprise

This spring had crazy lush vegetation

and this spring was delicious

Breathing fresh Paunsaugunt. Aaaahh

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