Now that was one inspired ride.  Not that he had a  choice, but that he pulled it off with such panache…it isn’t often I get emotional about such things – after all, champions are a dime a dozen in this town – but I nominate Floyd for national hero status.  He better get a call from dubya!

Anyone notice that he kept his jersey zipped up for the duration, regardless how many gallons of sweat was pouring off  his body?  Holding 350-450 watts for hours on end produces a lot of heat…  Given the amount of work he’s done to dial in his TT position with power and wind tunnels, he’s almost certainly trying to keep as aero as possible while off the front for 150 km.

Maybe Boris will postpone the E50 a day?  Crap, I can’t miss the TT fireworks just for a stinkin’ bike race!

Floyd, here’s to good legs on Saturday.