Preliminary results: round 2 of 29/26 testing

No time to get the full details written down yet…but the latest round of testing produced some unexpected (to me, anyway) results.  The chosen course is the sport loop at McDowell Mountain park, a 3.2 mile rolling singlerack trail.  The first 3.5 minutes is a big ring climb, wide and twisty, sometimes sandy, sometimes rocky.  From the top of that climb it’s roughly 8 minutes of twisty, swoopy, rolling singletrack.  A real treat at speed!

Each bike gave very different sensations.  The Dos held way more speed in whoops & gentle turns.  The Fuel felt agile as a cat, accelerated faster, and also felt to be the better climbing bike.  The second part (the 8 minute section) has more downs than ups, I really expected the Dos to come out ahead in this one.

I’m sad to say it didn’t.  The Dos was slower on the climb, and slower on the twisty whoops.  Maybe I’m just feeling better today…but that’s not what the data says.  Identical power for the last 8 minutes, but the clear advantage goes to the Fuel.

I’ll post the details when I have time to distill it into understandable format…