Project 1: into the fire

As I nearly rear-ended this thing while day-dreaming along Hwy 160 the irony was not lost on me…

First, the medical update.  My orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Field Blevins, is top notch.  Nonetheless I’ve spent far too much time with him in the past 9 months.  I met his family under less than favorable conditions Thursday.  His son Christopher is one of the best 9 year old BMX riders on the planet and was all set for BMX worlds next weekend.  Just before my appt, Christopher broke his arm in training, so the doc was attending to him.  As both Christopher and I face missing a world’s event this year, the doc wanted us to meet so we could comisurate a bit.  Chris was sparkly and alert for having just broke an arm, been under pain meds, having it set and all that…that little guy had the eye of the tiger glowing brightly.  He wasn’t bummed, he was pissed!  I just told him it would make him that much more hungry for the next one, and for this year’s worlds the competition just got watered down a bit.  He got that in an instant.

As for my situation – no surgery.  It was a tough call and I’ve consulted with 4 surgeons to come to the conclusion.  The outlook isn’t as bad as I initially heard, but I’m still looking at 2 months of non-weight bearing.  It’s the lamest injury I’ve ever had.  It seems so insignificant, but everyone I’ve talked to about it has put the fear of lifetime gimpiness in me to ensure I don’t rush things.  So I’m not rushing things.  Well…not much ;)

The first project is well underway.  Since I’ll be back to normal training this fall…there’s no way I’ll maintain my sanity in a Durango winter after this layoff.  I’ve been planning a move to warmer climes this fall anyway…this is the perfect time to get it  done though.  Destination:  St George, Utah.  I’ll save so much in terms of gas money this winter – last winter/spring I was in Utah every weekend.  It is a bit tricky though.  Not being able to carry anything does create some issues, but good friends on both ends will make it possible.

The new home is a 3 br townhome.  That’s a lot of space for one, visitors welcome!