Protect your boys

Keeping the balance after that last post for the ladies…

 Dave Zabriskie some years back wrote a timely article about taint maintainence.  Timely cause I was riding big hours and the saddle was feeling not so hot at the time…his article set me straight on a few things.

 It appears it’s an obsession of his, now he’s made it a business!  From, there’s a link to his new site/product,

 LOL, now that’s manic!

Leave it to DZ to trademark the phrase “protect your junk.”

3 replies on “Protect your boys”

  1. I LOVE IT. I’m all over DZNutz. Wait, that sounds bad.
    I’d like to use the pruduct called DZNutz, but more than
    that I. MUST. HAVE. THAT. SHIRT!!

    Too much!

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