Puritans beware

SS may be the primary chosen mode for ’08, but don’t be confused kids.  A puritan I am NOT. 

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The latest round of debauchery brings me to some big green pride and joy

It was a childhood fantasy (living in Michigan) to live in Utah and own a motorcycle for endless forays into the desert. That’s livin’ large.

It’s a great recovery ride machine too. I do actually get smoked from time to time but that doesn’t mean I want to sit on my ass to let it pass. What a great solution! Not to mention TU scouting possibilities and 80 MPG.

I’ve been looking at motorcycles for quite a while and just before leaving for TR the need hit a fever pitch. It was so strong in fact that on day 2 at TR while zooming down this techy descent, there was a motorcycle guy parked next to the trail. I couldn’t take my eyes off his bike – that saying you go where you look is indeed true and I smacked right into the side of his bike ;) It took me about 36 hours from being back in StG to finding this green beauty. 12 inches of travel, climbs like a demon. Oh yea.

Next up on the gizmo list is this:

Garmin 705

I donated another GPS unit to the Canadian wilderness at TR (did the same at BC last year), this habit is getting pricey. The 705 has been catching my eye lately anyway, it does everything the 60CSx does plus what the 305 does with the additional feature of connecting to Ant+sport 3rd party power meters. Ummm, yea this thing has had my eye for quite some time.

That’s it for now, gotta go talk to my banker.

10 replies on “Puritans beware”

  1. Morgan!

    Thanks for the motionbased link to your files. Mine are all on that SDmicro card somewhere on the trail towards the end of day 6…I’ve been really curious if the amount of climbing was actually what was advertised – it seemed less than I expected and that’s what your day 6 file suggests…

    What’s next?

  2. No tether on the GPS Dave? Marni made me put one on after losing it near Seeley Lake. Regular GPS replacement gets expen$ive!

  3. he he he – you should see the looks I got when I walked into the shop the other day with the SRM on the SS…

    like you said – puritans beware!

    one of the mechanics came out from behind the wall and said “that is SOOOO wrong”



  4. “What’s next?”

    Oh man, I am already thinking about BC Bike Race or TR again! Trick will be to get Lauren to give me the go-ahead, and to bring her and the kids in an RV next time. Make it a 2-week or 3-week family trip, with madness in the middle.

    I might also try one of these multi-day mtn bike rides too. Curious about that…

  5. Awesome Morgan. I think with your mad skillz you should go for BCBR. The last 3-4 days will be nirvana for you. There are some crazy logistics to figure out with the family though with the ferries to manage.

    The multi-day epics are for sure where it’s at though ;) I wouldn’t suggest making Trans Utah your first though.

  6. I got the 705 last week. TWC was my first ride with it, and I gotta say, it worked perfectly. I still have my Vista HCx for hiking and traveling, but the 705 really adds a ton of functionality to the Edge platform. Atre 12 hours of riding the battery was still going strong. That is probably the only weakness I have discovered so far…just limited battery time with no easy way to re-place on the fly. But a AA mini-USB charger can remedy that problem.

    BH Epic needs to be on my list for next year.

  7. @Grizzly: yeah, the 705 is so much nicer than that 305 with the basemap in there! and coming in 45days when the wireless powertaps go ant+sport, even better… has me wanting to sell my mtb SRM just to clean up the dashboard and get some technology integration!


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