Quack Quack Quack

Those ducks are making a lot of noise but not sure they are all getting in a row quite yet, but I’m pushing them in that direction.  With a head full of new stuff, here’s the sampler:

Navigation.  ‘Tis a big deal for GLR and Scott Morris did a great ride with the help of a Garmin GPSMap 60 CSx.  Guess what I just received?

Maps are ordered and on the way as well.  Topo maps can be uploaded to a SD card in the unit, pretty cool, huh?

A few folks recommended the Old Man Mountain racks for the upcoming adventures, they promptly sent the Sherpa model my way.  It attaches to the hub and v-brake bosses, has a 40 lb load limit, and looks and feels super super solid.  No more of that seat post mounted stuff – they break too easy and adversely affect bike handling.

And training…is flowing like butter these days.  I had planned a L4 climbing sesh for today but the weather looked iffy so I doubled up yesterday with a L5/6 am (G2 for those in the know) and then hit the new Edgemont/Cliffs climb with Fergy in the afternoon.  If you haven’t been up that climb, you gotta do it – brand new pavement to the top of Missionary ridge, smooth as glass, steeper than the Mogollon in the Gila SR.  Good stuff.  Little did I know there was a group ride last night, it’s already that time of year!

I’ve been on the fence on whether or not to do the RimRide  this weekend.  It’s a brutal course and I really don’t want to break up my training rythm with a forced recovery period.  But…Fred W has done so much work putting together such an epic route…it’s springtime in the desert…and I am weak.  Prime Time  made the decision a lot easier by posting the map below.  I’ve traced the route on a Classic Moab Trails map (since I haven’t seen the first 2/3 of the course) and plugged coords into the GPS.  The rack is on the bike, as is a new hydration system to test…and a 6am start means lights are needed the first hour or so.  All in all, it’ll be great testing grounds for a bunch of new stuff.  I just hope those ducks don’t get lost!