"It’s my turn" (updated!)

That’s what Levi said to Voigt yesterday after nailing the TT win in the ToC.  Levi has been super confident and not afraid to show it.  He is looking more like a champion than ever right now.  There’s something to be said for being backed by LA and his winning team, eh?  I can say for certain that good support plays a big role in cycling success.

Also in the “it’s my turn” category is Lynda.  She went in for surgery yesterday afternoon…I’ll bet she’s back in no time.  Her range of motion has been good even with the breaks, so I don’t think she has major muscle or ligament damage.  The tricky part for her will be the patience required to heal.  She didn’t get that gene. 

LW  update:  just spoke with her, surgery went well, she’s back in one piece and at home resting.  She even sounds to be in high spirits.  Less than one week after the crash she’s speeding down the road to recovery!  Most excellent.

Other odds and ends…

Ergon’s new packs, grips and gloves will be available  early spring and ooooo am I drooling.  I’m keenly interested in their pack designs and really looking forward to tying those out on some epics.  If you haven’t seen them yet, the Ergon packs have an interesting concept where the pack itself is hinged on the frame like a “knuckle” and floats on your back.  I haven’t actually seen one, that’s how it was explained to me…stay tuned for more.  Ain’t this a beauty?

Team HealthFX has a new blogger – Rick Callies is a super strong (both physically and verbally) cyclist, skiier, and adventure racer.  Gawd only knows what will come out of his keypad but we’ve turned him loose anyway:  http://teamhealthfx.com/blogs/rick/default.aspx.

In the week after a big event, there’s always the NOW WHAT syndrome.  What’s next?  As you can see in the left sidebar, I’m way behind in updating my season schedule.  To be honest, I’ve had OP tunnel vision for awhile, it has served as a great carrot on which to focus the post-surgery recovery efforts.  The base is solid, now it’s time to get fit.  The biggies of course are BC Bike race and WSC.  KTR?  I’m actually waffling a bit on that one because it will dominate the entire month of May if I do it.  There is a lot of cool stuff going on in May – a 12 hour race in Cortez, the 18 hours of Fruita, another Epic Rides event – the Whiskey 50 miler, and of course the whole Iron Horse weekend.  Doing KTR will hose all but the Fruita event…a large concession.  So…I’m gripped hard by the NOW WHAT.  Still working it out…

For now, it’s a quick trip to Moab for the weekend.  It’s springtime in the desert and it beckons!