Red Canyon at last

We have been planning to ride in Red Canyon all year and haven’t made it. This weekend was awesome up there.

Photoblog time

24, 26, 29 one of each

Emma has just grown big enough to be able to handle her 24″ wheel bike on anything technical and she railed it this weekend

She was determined to pedal over all sorts of stuff

So cute

Wes and I got out for a super-fine evening lap on Thunder Mountain. I used to think he would start dropping me when he was 14yrs but I have had to just downgrade that to 12!! He is 10 now and pushed it hard enough a few times to make me breathe!

I rode Thunder Mountain for the first time with him three years ago. Look how cute he was then.

We took a photo in the same spot this weekend. After comparing pics Wes pointed out that he is wearing the same helmet in the second pic that I am wearing in the first pic – funny (to me anyway…)

Some refueling was done at camp

Group pic

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