Rumors and rumors of rumors

A few quick blotter notes:

  1. Bart is freeFREE SAGER is working.  Now, what will this mean, retroactively, for Jason and Cale??  Anything at all???
  2. Word has it the NORBA marathon event has gone the way of the dodo.  While this generally sucks, the format was really only any good in ’04 and ’05.  Last year it got so watered down with crap courses…it’s just as well.  I’m fortunate to have been able to do so many of the early events, they were some eye-popping epics with a guarantee of first rate competition.
  3. The OP startline to include Monique Sawicki, LyndaW, Tinker, and Nat Ross.  A real clash of the titans is set to go down in a few weeks in the desert.  A preview of WSC perennial favorites…
  4. There are more free ultra events popping up than you can shake a stick at.  This ultra thing seems to be gaining critical mass.

Late edits….

  1. Cale is free!!!  Will Sager be next or will USADA make him a martyr?  Time will tell.
  2. Philips/Lumileds, the folks that once had the high powered LED market more or less cornered, have just made a public release of a forthcoming LED that puts out 130 lumens at 350 mA, and a whopping 501 lumens at 2A.  The free market is doing wonders for portable lighting and cyclists will reap the benefits in the very near future.  HID is SO dead.

Ride on!