Saturday Afternoon Trans Utah Report

…and then there were none. It’s done.

Dave made it somewhere past the 200 mile mark and called it. Actually, more accurately, he called me. This is what my drive to go pick him up looked like.

Slushy, wet and slippery.

This is Deer Valley where the TU course crosses the Hwy on the Marathon Trail.

Happy and not so happy to be in the car.

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  1. Man, that sucks!! Maybe Trans Utah needs to be moved up in the season. File it under 200 miles of riding regardless of the outcome. You all will get it done, I’m sure of that. Take care and warm up Dave.

  2. what a crazy storm… and it was about 70 here in northern british columbia where i was today.

    I second what Scott said… no finishers this year makes it that much more appealing for next year.

  3. Oh yeah, something I meant to ask. Does this mean St. George to Escalante will get another go-around next year? Or do we have to wait for 2010?

  4. Dave you are an amazing climber. As I followed your tire tracks up the road towards Brian Head I kept watching for some ‘footprints’ next to your tire tracks, you know, just to prove you are human enough to need a breather once in a while. Only saw one spot where you walked (ran? just saw ‘toe’ impressions) for like 25 whole yards on the steepest pitch and then you had the gall to start riding again before the slope flattened!! I think I walked about 50%!

    Anyway thanks for the Trans Utah
    Just got home, I pulled the plug at 10300 feet high Brain Head as I did not want to spend the night at 9500 feet (that would have been the lowest elevation I would have been able to make at my snail pace) and wake up covered snow and then have to bail. And it was only 40 min max from Brian Head to laying on a bed at the Parowan Days Inn, what a ‘drop’ on the pave and what a transformation.

  5. We’re so relieved to hear you’re safe Dave; and you too Marshall and Snot. Dave, not only are you gifted physically, but you have good judgement which many savants lack. Can’t wait to read your write up about account of the conditions you braved. Welcome home :-)

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