Scared witless

Global warming ain’t so funny all of a sudden.  Riding up to almost 9000′ on the Colorado trail  in early April is fun and all…

But Durangoans recall all too well the fire season of ’02 when  Missionary ridge burned ALL SUMMER long.  Nasty.  Then Mike Curiak offered this bit o wisdom yesterday on an MTBR forum about just how bad things can get in an ultra race in a drought year.

Time for a gut  check. 

What are current conditions?

SW Colorado snowpack is at 55% of normal right now:

SE Utah snowpack is at 2% (!!) of normal right now:

What’s the long range forecast?  From, here ya go:

KTR and GLR could be more challenging than usual this year…I’ll be keeping an eye on conditions and a flexible plan.  I’m all for personal challenges, but death marches into sandstorms take the fun right out of it.  It’s all about the optimal experience – and if they happen to be in Canada this year then so be it!