Short and Sweet

..was the ride today, only 1:35. Just keeping it sharp but not creating a lot of fatigue so I’m zippy for the big riding week with Dave next week. I’ve got a lot of trails to show him here in the county :-)

The plan for today was two sets of 3 minutes pedaling at power L5 with 3 min recoveries in power L1. I got derailled on the second interval running into a pal and having a chat for a few minutes.

Intervals are highlighted in black, power is yellow, heart rate is red, cadence is green and speed blue.

My heart rate was super zoomy today which tells me I’m nice and fresh. It was getting up to 186 bpm on the final couple of reps. Power average for the reps was 250watts and felt comfortable – no suffering on the bike today :-)  TSS for the ride = 109.4, 21 miles, 1 hr 35 mins.

Feelin’ sharp…