Sh*t and Food

As a mom and a cyclist these are two large features in my daily life. I spend a lot of my time trying to put more food into my kids mouths and less into mine. What age is it I wonder food and sleep become something we want more of? My kiddies haven’t reached that age yet. Of the poop part – my time is spent trying to direct the majority of it into places that can be flushed away with no contact, but being a good mom I still inspect it to make sure it’s not green or something. Contact is inevitable. How many poops a day do you get to check out?

Some days are more full of sh*t than others. Yesterday was horse crap. I spent about 5 hour raking it up off a horse paddock, shoveling it into my truck, shoveling it out of my truck and dumping it on my garden, then doing it again.

It’s planting time. There is a subtly competitive gardening vibe here on my little street in suburbia and this year I am way off the back. One of my neighbours already has his spinach popping up. They all got their tomatoes hosed by the late frost last week. I’m getting on it. Poop spread yesterday, I’ll till it in tomorrow and then figure out what I’ll grow this year. I’ve got grape vines and usually do lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, parsnips. I think I’ll miss the carrots this year and try something new.

There is no better way to decide what is for dinner than to go out to my garden and see what is ripe. It even gets the kids excited about eating vegetables.

Trans Rockies news: All new course this year. This gives the repeat offenders a little bit less of an advantage over us TR newbies. Good news for me :-)