So that’s how this works…

So many of my posts come across I’m sure as some desert whacko’s ruminations.  Not too many folks can identify with that.

But…if I want some feedback all I have to do is look for common ground, right?  Like single speeding?

Yesterday’s ride was pure bliss.  There’s this climb I really like, takes well over an hour on the geary.  Plenty of steep spots on it and 2 months ago I’d have said it was an impossible SS route.  Yesterday I rode it in a 32×18 and it was purfect.  It all came together.  There are massive views off to Zion NP from this climb and I was seeing it all through rose colored glasses. 

Tomatoe you are right, I’m hooked now.  I’ve been looking at all manner of squiggly lines and scatter plots of old data thinking on how best to improve this game.  But I’ll try the beer drinking too. 

This weekend it’s off to check out a great big chunk of wilderness between Big Water (N end of Lake Powell) and Escalante.  Ion & I will have pics and stories next week.  Ya know those blog writeups that sound  like the desert version of “Into the Wild.”

So many pursuits, so little time.