Soggy dirt and sweet slickrock

I headed to the dirt today with Cimarron Chacon. Cim is the mastermind behind many local trails including the newly designated IMBA Epic Jem trail. She is also the promoter of 25 Hours of Frog Hollow. Today we went out to lay down some gps tracks and get some accurate measurements on her new¬†project¬†TRUE Grit. This is a 50 mile race scheduled for March 26th, 2011. In 2012 her plan is to evolve it into a 3 day stage race. That is very exciting…very :-)

Unfortunately a good portion of the proposed (permits pending) race course was off-limits today. Saturated clay so dastardly that you can’t even walk in/on it.

We did ride the tasty slick rock areas. This race course will be very technical in areas. Pre-riding and learning a few lines before the race would be helpful.

Nice day for riding here. The temps got up to 52F but everything that is not solid rock is still saturated and soft.

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  1. Where is that? I do not recognize the pics. Looks like fun.

    And tell Wes that Carson and I both say “congrats” on the W.

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