Something old, something new

Here’s a view I never tire of.

Christmas morning the family was fast asleep so I snuck out for a joyride in familiar terrain.  Not having been here for nearly 2 years, it was waaay better than expected.  On the SS, it was so new and fresh even though the trails are so familiar.  After the ride it just didn’t matter how the rest of the day went, it was already a success.  But it got so much better.

So that’s about it for the obligatory cycling stuff.  The real Christmas gem this year came from Dixie.  Remember Dixie, the gal who announced her wedding a few days before the Moab 24 hour race?  Yes, that Dixie.  Really, how many Dixies could there be anyway?

To make a long and personal story short, she put together a set of 8 stories about our childhood together, complete with pictures and all wrapped in a handmade leather booklet.  The stories are great, and what’s even better I don’t recall most of the details but she tells it like it was yesterday.  Things like “With you I learned that if you skip school enough the truant officer will come” and “if you toss a match on a mattress the house will burn down” jump right off the page.  And then there was the trick or treating session she just had to be part of, but unbeknownst to her I had mapped out the entire town and we went waaaay beyond the borders of our neighborhood and didn’t stop until we had mountains of candy. 

And all this time I’d been thinking my manic nature on the bike came on recently.  She taught me I’ve had it all along.  Cycling isn’t the constant, manic is… 

Here’s the lucky guy.  Boyd, I hope you understand what a great gal you’ve got.  All you gotta do is be her best friend.  Get that right and the rest is easy.