SRM Wrangling

Today was the SRM install day. A big job for a wee gal without a career in wrenching. First step was to strip off the pedals, cranks and BB – easy. I can take things apart.

Next up was installing the octalink bb.

Problem #1 errr which is the left and right side of the bike? A doh but important question.. Problem #2 I don’t have an octalink bb tool.

A quick trip to Desert Cyclery is never a quick trip with the gang in tow to “help”. I learned a few more important details while I was there such as the right side (which is the drive side) of the bb has a reverse thread which is the opposite of pedals – makes sense right?

No problem. Got everything installed – eventually.

Problem #3 I can pick up speed and HR but no power. Nay happy at all. I spent about 2 hours playing with the power pick up sensors and so on but ZERO power. I reckon the next step is a call to SRM on Monday and probably sending it back to them.

I love training with power but this SRM is very very high maintenance. Grrr.

So now I get to strip the SRM back off, change back the bb, put my old cranks on etc so I can go for a ride. Blah…