St George Smog

Beauty day today. Ticked off 61 miles with 55 miles of that on single-track. Fabby. High of 48F. Nice and calm after yesterday’s silly windy day.

This winter is the first time I have noticed a smog cloud hanging over the St George valley. Progress, growth and development I guess.

Looking westward away from St George. Gorgeous deep blue sky today.

Looking east at the smog haze over the city.


I rode the same trail today as I did last week – both times with the Ergomo clocking the data. Tomorrow I’ll spend some time looking at the files side-by-side to get more of a handle on how repeatable the Ergomo data recording is off-road. At first glance it looks pretty solid.

I made quite a few suspension changes to the bike between rides – added 20 psi to the rear shock, took 10 psi out of the SID negative chamber and added 10 psi to the positive chamber. The bike felt much better today and I was able to ride some of the techy climbs and drops I was flubbing around on last week. So I was more efficient this week. The Ergomo recorded 354 TSS last week and 334 TSS this week. I did miss out a 1.5 mile section of jeep road this week. I’ll have to pick out of the file if I was more efficient this week or is the Ergomo wavering.

The Ergomo altitude recording is wishy-washy. With the same settings it recorded I was riding at different elevations and accumulated a different amount of elevation gain over the ride. It is kinda cool to look at the elevation graph profile and it does help me pinpoint where I was on the trail when looking at the power file.