Stage racing in our backyard

Lots of riding was done the past 4 days just up the road from us.  A 4 day stage race at BrianHead drew some fast riders.  Maybe payouts really do attract riders?

Top 3 of Elite Men’s and Elite Women’s Pro field will have equal pay:
  Elite Payout as follows:

                     Elite Men’s Top 5 Payout: $2,500/$1,500/$1,000/$750/$600.  
                                    $500 bonus to the Winner of each Stage!

                      Elite Master’s 40+ Top 5 Payout: $1,500/$1,000/$750/$600/$500.  
                                    $250 bonus to Winner of each Stage!  

Elite Women’s Top 5 Payout: $2,500/$1500/$1000/$550/$400.  
                                    $500 bonus to Winner of each Stage!


JHK, Bishop, Irmiger, Pua to name just a few.  Uh, yea 1 week before the NMBS finals race they are doing a 4 day stage race?  Trebon dnf’d day 4 with blood running down the bridge of his nose. 


A most interesting testament to the current state of XC racing at the top level – and how much these big dawgs care about their NMBS race next weekend ;)


Here they are hitting the first singletrack yesterday (day 4) near 11,000′ after 20 minutes of road climbing.



Not an easy race by any stretch, the route day 2 included all of VRRT (which will also be featured in TU), and yesterday had a couple of trips around next weekends XC course, the techy Dark Hollow and Scout Camp trails.  Next year….

Manny leading the pack

Mario charging hard.  He rode minus rear brakes today.  Down Dark Hollow.  Twice (!).

Heather Irmiger topped the first climb ahead of Pua.

Ernie rocking on.  Nice job for a sea level guy!

Pua.  She has found the magic combo this year.




Tinker in the 40+ Elite leaders jersey

Sue Butler looking lean and mean

Most everybody who raced was pumped after the finish. Looks like this race formant is a hit – too much fun to miss out on. Next year we’ll have to do this one.

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