Sub-24 bikepacking with a twist

…a twist of the throttle that is! My newest pony goes VROOM!!

I have not owned a motorbike before. One of friends mentioned my mountain bike riding skills should show up when I hit the dirt on the motorbike…well I’m still waiting for that to happen! I’m a huge chicken on the motorbike so far.

I am excited to learn all about it. Not only how to ride it but also how it works and how to fix it. I have never changed the oil in my car and when I work on my mountain bike it is usually like an episode of the amateur mechanics show.

So far I have changed the oil, cleaned the oil filter and the air filter on my moto all by myself. I’m pretty excited about that.

Next Tuesday I start a short term intensive training evening course at the local college called Motorcycle/ATV Repair/Maintence. Mucho learning will be done. I hope I am not totally in over my head. I suspect there won’t be too many other 43 year old ladies in the class.

Late afternoon DH and I threw duffle bags on the back of our motos and took off camping for the night. So much easier to pack a moto for camping than a mountain bike!

We headed west of Gunlock and hit some sandy roads

Riding the sand on the main road was fun! I was excited to be able to do it. We turned off the main road onto a smaller road looking for a camp site which was narrower, twistier, rockier and sandier. I ran out of skills, went too slow in the sand and fell over. DH was ahead. I managed to pick up my bike but was super squirelly getting started in the sand and almost immediately fell over again. On this second fall my leg landed on the bikes exhaust pipe. BIG lesson of the day – motorbikes have very hot parts that will burn you.

Branded. This time my bike landed differently and I couldn’t pick it up. It’s a wee bit heavier than a mountain bike…My leg was beeping where it got burned and I couldn’t pick up my bike and I was kinda pissed about that!

DH came back to find me. He asked if I was ok and I pouted and said no :-(  DH ended up riding my bike up to the campsite and I walked. What a newbie.

We slept late and lazily started the next day.

In the morning we did a nice hike and played with the new Panorama app on DH’s iPhone.

These pic’s are a 360 view. Pretty cool. On the left horizon is West Mountain and the big one on the right is Square Top with Jackson Peak behind and to the right.

This one I moved around while DH was taking the photo. Weirdness!!!

My owie

Then we buzzed home getting back less than 24 hours after we left. Sub-24’s are a fun way to get out without giving up the entire weekend. I’d like to do more.