Summer time

We have 110F in the forecast for this week – whew. Too hot for training, ’tis time to head for the mountains at the weekends.

This weekend was our first trip up to the Markagunt plateau for the summer. Our friends Lukas and Kathleen considerately scheduled their wedding up there, holding their reception in the campground at the end of the fabulous 32 mile Virgin River Rim single track. It was a beautiful setting in an 9,000 ft high Aspen lined meadow and a perfect excuse for some time at elevation.

Post wedding group ride

The flowers up at 9k are going off

Tough to keep your eyes on the trail at times

Gauntlets of yellow

I love thistles. Must be my Scottish blood

Pink power

Views of Zion are peppered along the trail

and of course summer time means watermelon

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