6 replies on “Summer Vacation”

  1. Hmmm, conspiracy? Is that how the kiddos get their parents to buy them video games? I’m taking notes!
    Congrats Emma! Get well soon Wes!

  2. That boy needs a Wii. You can do that one-handed.

    Get better soon Wesley!

    Sam and Lulu’s Dad

  3. I tried to talk him into a Wii but he was dead set on the play station. He is shooting things with it right now. We had the Dr leave off the bit of the cast wrapped around his thumb to he could hold the controller bettter :-)

  4. boys being boys is my guess (or to be pc kids being kids)

    I did my right arm 3 times and left arm once growing up, poor ol mom and dad just got use to the idea…….& that was well before pong

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