Sun Souls

Emma is an amazingly creative little girl. She wrote (well she sang and I typed as fast as I could) this poem for the poetry competition at school next week. She plans to paint a picture of it this afternoon.

Sun Souls Poem

By Emma Wallenfels

The nature above us is the sun souls
We know the sun soul is very good for us
The plants are good and nature sings about the sun souls
Angels sing to the sun soul within us
In the place of harmony the sun is true with the nature
Within our hearts we know when can pray to sun to go to another land
Here comes night
We dream waiting for the sun souls
We know we can be so good when we see the sun
The sun we know is very good
The sun souls know so many things
We pray to sun souls because we know things are known to sun souls
Sun, sun please don’t go where we can’t see you
Please stay here and let us feel you
Please stay when it is night, stay when it is day
Stay all night and stay all day
When you are not there stay, stay in my heart

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