The Bean of Life

In the beginning there was but one option for that morning trailside fix:  brew your own.  Whether using a paper filter or metal screen, the result is messy and time consuming – but ultimately worth the effort.  My early forays into the wild were more easily categorized as “rolling barista”.

Then came Java Juice.

Simply brilliant concept and fueled the way for more than  1 long ride this year.  Fast, portable, potent.  Yum.

Yet, at 1/2 oz each the weight adds up fast for someone with an enduro sized  habit.  So at CTR I dabbled into the realm of (gasp) instant coffee, the stuff available at any grocery store.  Never again – enuf said on that.

Starbucks has cracked this nut.  The rules change yet again…

4 replies on “The Bean of Life”

  1. yes, they have.
    for giganto corporate coffee – that stuff is damn fine when waking up in the cold, waiting for fire, and packing up camp.
    tried some my last overnight… yum, for sure.

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