The Dixie Lite

Let’s say you are really interested in the Dixie 311 but want to save some juice for CTR, or maybe the 311 is just a bit too much for the amount of time you have.  I have the answer – Dixie Lite!  Many of the great trails of the 311 with the more remote sections removed.  It is 99.9% rideable, I can’t think of a single extended hike a bike.

I’d expect 18+ hours of ride time for this one.  It’s big, but not a crusher.  Best done as an overnight (or two).

Race start:  June 26, 8 AM, Parowan, UT.

Click the link for the bigger version on, including a gpx file download.  Note:  this gpx is for planning only, final race route gpx will be available in June.  It won’t be much different than this one, just tighter data.  Stay tuned!

Dixie Lite

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  1. How’d you compare the D-Lite to the KTR? Keep in mind that 18 hours is pretty standard KTR time for me. Similar effort? Bigger? Or is 18 hours ride time mean 24 hours total time? The 311 has my blood pumping, but this might be a better primer before I go all in on the multi-day rides…

    Oh, and Dave.. we need to get our heads together on a Tushar to Wasatch tour. Or some such.

  2. Adam – 18+ means somebody really gunning for it could do it in that time…somebody that could do KTR in 13ish hours. The D-lite has lots and lots of singletrack and lots of elevation. KTR doesn’t have much of either.

    I really think doing it in one push is over the top. The last time I tried a 200 mile ride nonstop I cracked at mile 160 and it was easier terrain than the D-lite ;) That was without red bull tho.

  3. Close. Stop before you have to and the following day will be a lot more fun. You could even get a room in Hatch although that would be just a bit too soft!!

  4. Adam – For reference: KTR took me about 15.5 hours and that was about 14 hour ride time and 1.5 hours dinking about (I know…that dinking about time adds up!) Having already ridden about 80% of the D-lite course over the years I am estimating my ride time will be 26 – 30 hours. I’m planning to sleep one or maybe two night under a tree someplace with a big view so my dinking time will be well over 10% – maybe 50% or more on this one ;-)

    I don’t think it is doable in 24 hours. Just MHO.


  5. what would be your time estimate for somebody wanting to play the full Dixie. race pace, going for it, minimal sleep if any…

  6. Jay – well that depends, are we talking love shack or just one crank? Seriously, about 60 hours is my best guess. There would be some cracks and “what hell am I doing” moments at that pace. I could be off but that’s probably within 12 or so hours of such a ride’s finish time.

  7. Haha.. the ping back grabbed the best part of my post: when I described Dave’s cranium!

    Lynda, That sounds like a good plan. Goal for me would be forward progress, except when the views warrant otherwise :P

    Dave, the EveryTrail info says around 19k of vert. Is that correct?

    JayP: I’d show up just to see you crush it!

  8. Hey Dave,
    We missed you and Lynda this year at Mesa Verde, but at least got to win his home race this year. He crushed it and finished 8 laps. Course was in amazing shape!!
    This Dixie idea sounds like an absolute blast!! Count me in!! Send me an email with info when you get a chance!
    Keep smiling,

  9. Sweet route! Thanks for the labor and work. How rough is this track? I’d like to tour this but I don’t have a mountain bike anymore but I do roll a Surly LHT with the capability of some 45mm tires. Would this suffice? What is the availability of water along this route? I’m thinking its time to build an off road advnenture bike for events like this. Thanks and take care…enjoy the blog. Peace, love n wisdom……


  10. Sean – it is definitely a mountain bike route. Guys have done CTR on rigid singlespeeds so anything is possible, but 45mm tires sound pretty small to me. For sure the final descent down Dark Hollow would be tricky. It could be done – challenging for sure!

  11. I’ll be there for the Lite, not going for time though.
    Start at about 3pm Friday and make it a great 3 day bikepacking trip.

    Adventures in Apache lands one weekend, playin’ with Dixie the next!

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