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New website for this race:  http://2-epic.com/events/dixie311.html

Be sure to check out the maps:  http://2-epic.com/maps/311map.html

Unless you are doing TD there's a big blank spot on the multi-day calendar in June.

I have a solution:  The Dixie Three Eleven!

311 miles of bikepacking bliss awaits.  The route includes the choice parts of Trans Utah - Virgin River Rim trail, Pole Canyon and the Sunset Cliffs, Grandview trail - and adds so much more.  Thunder Mountain, the Skyline Drive trail in the Tushars to name a couple.

From the section in the Tushars:


Thunder Mountain:


The long road sections of TU are not present in this route.  The trail/road ratio is similar to CocoBob.

What:  This is a multi-day self-supported mountain bike race.
When:  Friday, June 25 8:00 AM
Where:  Near Parowan, UT.

It is no accident that this event fits in with the new CTR plan on LW Coaching.  It's got all of the elements needed to refine a CTR assault in August.

Stay tuned for full details and GPX track.

Are you in?

Update 4/19

A preliminary track is ready.  NOTE:  this is preliminary pending a couple scouting missions.  It will work for general planning.  The route will no doubt change close to race time based on scouting missions.


  • Added Spruce trail on the Markagunt
  • Added Louder ponds trail on the Markagunt
  • Added remote trail network atop the Sevier Plateau, including a singletrack descent of Mount Dutton
  • More singletrack in the Tushars
  • Removed the Navajo lake loop (the complete VRRT should be plenty, eh?)
  • Added trails south of Hwy 20

The profile has changed a bit.

22 Responses to “The Dixie Three Eleven”
  1. I’m a strong Maybe!!

  2. chad says:

    I will be the first one to sign up! I will be in LV for a wedding on the 13th and could cruise over afterward.

  3. Dave says:

    Awesome Chad! I really think you will enjoy this route. There are some rocks just for you :)

  4. chad says:

    Ah si! I was looking for something in June; you seemed to have answered it for me.

  5. Dave Byers says:

    Oooh. I have been thinking about a bike packing event to get my feet wet in the genre and although this is not perfect timing pre-Cream Puff, I am interested. Plus, it is a great excuse to see my crack buddies.

  6. ScottM says:

    Can’t see a single reason not to be there. Looks brilliant.

  7. Ed says:

    Wow. I’m a strong, yikes!


    Looks awesome.


  8. Carney says:

    Very nice – Color me intrigued.

    (If I had a mustache I would be stroking it)

  9. Stefan says:

    I need a time machine.

  10. kurt says:

    And I need to stop signing up for long running races that are a week before multi-day bike races.

  11. tRoy says:

    looks sooooo killer. maybe next year.

  12. Dave Kirk says:

    I’m with Stefan on this one. But it is on one of my long weekends, and it is a full moon, and new country, and if I just ride through the night………
    I may be able to make this work. Or at least part of it

  13. Dave says:

    Kurt – did you sign up for a running race mid June? Doh!

    Dave (and anyone else) – any interest in an abbreviated version? I can do some selective shortcuts and keep the route super interesting, say roughly 2/3 the effort of the current route. This may be better for those that really want to be sharp for CTR anyway…and I’ve actually mapped out 2 other options.

  14. Tazeus says:

    looks like a good time! I am gonna try to make it for sure!

  15. Grizzly Adam says:

    Hmm. This has got me thinking. And in that “hell yes” sorta way. *heads over to bikepacking.net to get himself up to snuff*

  16. […] “lite” version is 160 miles with nearly 19k vertical. The “heavy” route? 311 miles. 50k vert. fifty. kay. vert. Damn. Something this sadistic and wonderful could only come the mind […]

  17. Duff says:

    I want in!!

  18. T2 says:

    DH…I’ve been on a good portion of this route but it’s been a LONG time. Will there be much if any hike-a-bike? I’m looking to bring a group down but want to make sure they know what they are in for.

  19. Dave says:

    T2 – it’s been awhile, good to hear from you!

    The D-lite has little to no hike a bike. The full 311 is going to have some in these areas, depending on the rider of course:

    – southern Paunsaugunt, Grandview trail. Not much, a little sandy in spots.
    – the Sevier plateau is a big unknown right now. It has the potential for quite a bit but I won’t know until I can scout it after the snow melts. If it is nasty plan B is to stick to the Fremont trail which is 100% rideable.
    – the climb from Circleville into the Tushars is big and steep, and an ATV trail. I expect some hoofing there.
    – The Spruce trail near the finish may have winter blowdowns and rock chunk that’s hard to ride.

    I’d guesstimate off the cuff roughly 5% of the time on hike a bike. Maybe less, it’s mostly rideable but again will depend on the rider and which sections get the nod for final route inclusion based on upcoming explories.

    Riders not wanting any hike a bike can do the D-lite which starts a day after the 311, and you will all likely finish around the same time, maybe that would work?

    Hope you can make it!

  20. Greg Bachman says:

    Count me in!

  21. Dave says:

    Super Greg! You’re in :)