The Flower Girl

A couple of days ago I awake with a head full of three’s:  I’ve done Moab solo 3 times; for the past 3 years I’ve been 3rd (’04 was in the duo field with Mitch Moreman, ’05 and ’06 were solo); this year I was 33rd overall.  Not quite the bridesmaid.

NOW WHAT??  What does a chronic cyclist do when the season’s goals are all in the rear-view mirror?  The abbreviated Moab experience leaves me with way too much energy – TSB is in the 50’s today and I feel like I could  rip titanium cranks to shreds.  I’m supposed to be the shredee right now, not the shreder.  Couple that with a 3 month business trip to San Diego and it doesn’t look like there will be any off season this year.  Good, just the way I like it.  I haven’t really done much of an off-season for years and I’m convinced they are bad for long term development.  I guess it depends on how one defines “off-season”.

Anyone from San Diego wanna show me the ropes??  Road or mountain, it’s all good.

The head is spinning on what to set the sights for next year.  The Moab event, despite how chaotic it got, really reminded me how much I love 24 hour racing and how good grannygear events are.  That’s putting the bug in my head to hit 3 of the events next year as the series is the best 3 of 6.  How about the Grand Loop Race?  I hate hike-a-bike & high heat, so dunno…but it’s something new and would offer up a winter’s worth of obsessing.  OP?   You bet…24 hour worlds?  Maybe.  TR?  Hell yea.  Can I do it all?  Time will tell…

Moab Action Shots took some sweet pics at the event.  Here are some of my faves.

Sometimes it’s just best to use no brakes and close your eyes…

School is in session boyz!

In the clouds.

A collection of shots chronicling the Moab lead up is here.

If you did Moab solo and feel cheated by the experience, give this one a shot.  The weather is guaranteed.