Third Time’s a Charm

First time I tried I was turned back by a snowstorm, the second time it was wind but this time I got it. Scrub Peak that is. It has been looking down on me from almost every point in the county for over a year now calling to me. Here is the view from scenic St George. It is the high point to the left of the red light.

The last two attempts have been via bike but seeing as I’m still not allowed to ride (wah wah) I drove my truck most of the way there and hiked.


Here are the stats courtesy of Joel and his GPS

7.01 miles 3:46 avg. pace 32:19 mi. max 3.6 avg.1.9 ascent 2758 descent 2743. View to die for

The views were massive, all the way down the Virgin Gorge to Mesquite, over to Lowe Mountain, out to Zion, Pine Valley, Red Mountain and all the way up the Gunlock Valley to Flatop Mountain. Hazy day tho’ so poor pics – ya had to be there.

Not to miss an opportunity to taunt me Joel brought along his latest new toy and let me have a wee shot. Now I have shades envy.


We hiked through a burn area that left dead trees. Kinda cool looking but totally dead. Wouldn’t this look rad in your front yard? You could put lights on it at Christmas and hang eggs on it at Easter etc. Maybe a few old chain rings, shoes, small children …

I thought this one would look cute in Joel’s front yard but I’m still too gimpy to help with the transportation issues and Joel might get kicked out of his homeowner association.

Spring is here and the flowers are out.


I wonder if the Bear Claw poppies are out yet? I might have to hike over that way tomorrow for a looksie.

It was really good to get out the barn and breathe some fresh air for a few hours. Even the sore legs I have from the descent feel good.