Tinker’s RAAM

Race Across America, the name says it all.  9 AM Sunday the solo field left Oceanside, CA in route to Atlantic City, NJ.  I consider myself an ultra MTB specialist, but no way would I even consider such a race.  More than a week of sleep deprivation and solo road riding and I’d lose my mind, what’s left anyway. 

Tinker is another story,  however.  A guy that strong, talented, focused, stubborn – he must always be looking for something to step up the challenge.  After seeing him roll into Durango yesterday evening on day 2 of ~9, it would appear he’s found a challenge alright!  I was surprised that he rolled right up to me to chat for 5 minutes or so before he went to the safe haven of his air conditioned RV.  He left some strong impressions in that conversation:

  • RAAM is going make 24 hour racing seem so easy for him
  • He looks strong as a bull when talking face to face as opposed to looking somewhat slight from a distance on the bike.
  • He has plenty of pressure to finish on a pre-determined schedule, since his 7 person crew all have flights back  home already booked.
  • He was amazed at  how hard the event is:  “It’s crazy!  You ride your bike till midnight every day, its just crazy!”

Tinker was visibly tired and seemed a bit overwhelmed by the experience, but at the same time was articulate and clear speaking.  He’s one tough hombre, my bet is he does quite well in his journey to the East Coast.

Tinker, we wish you the best!

In pictures…